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1.What are your operating time?

We operate from Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm excluding Public Holidays. If your order is submitted during operating hours and would like to arrange for weekend deliveries, you may reach out to us to make arrangements. 


2.Do you make deliveries on weekends and Public Holidays?

If your order was submitted during operating hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 7pm excluding Public Holidays) and would like to arrange for weekend deliveries, you may reach out to us to make arrangements.

Orders made beyond operating hours will not be in time to be processed for weekend and Public Holidays deliveries.


3.Do you offer repacking services for kibbles?

This is an important topic. As pet owners ourselves, there are several reasons why we do not encourage kibbles to be repacked. 

    1. The plastic bags used by retailers who offer repacking services are 100% permeable, which defeat the purpose of repacking. This also explains why original packaging is always aluminium foiled and not in transparent plastic.

      2. The plastic bags used are also industrial-grade. In other words, they are not safe and hygienic for food storage as they are not cleaned and sterilised.

        3. Repacking is usually done in the premises of industrial warehouses by staff who are not trained and certified by AVA to do food handling. We'd never want our food to be handled this way so why would we want to do this to our beloved dogs? This also explains the frequent reports of worm infestation due to increased chances of contamination through repacking.

          It's actually painful to see dog owners repack dog food, thinking that it prolongs freshness, which in fact is doing more harm to our beloved dogs than good. An effective solution will be getting a food bin to store kibbles in the original aluminium foiled packaging. If you need recommendations on food bins, do reach out to us and we will be glad to assist you.